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    Friday's Funny Pics Delights

    ... Here we go again! I thought I would start with a classic! Because it's been a while it's two for one today! ;)
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    Guess Who's Back

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    WD Black NVMe M.2 2280 1TB on Sale - Newegg

    Buy! If you guys still wonder how we get on servers before just buy it and you'll see! ;)
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    NFL Playoffs

    I hope Chiefs win's they deserve it. 76 is back :D
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    NFL Playoffs

    I hope #76 Laurent Duvernay-Tardif comes back for you guys and help you win it! Can't say that this is my original team but it became my team too few years ago since he is from my neck of the woods and such a brilliant guy. But I must cheer for Pats too! ^^
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    Kevin in Australia??

    @Cowbell Kevin told me yesterday that he lost 20 pounds... I think that was just his morning cow dung! ;)
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    This got me thinking about BF

    I knew you are a old BF whore! It's when you look at original assignment dates that it amplify all this good time ;) *** BF2 Assault Expert*** 31 Jan 2006 01:00
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    World War 3 NDA has been lifted. New Gameplay/Map and my Impressions

    Just bought the game, anybody playing this weekend?
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    Battlefield V Delayed 1 month.

    I love this game already and I just played for one day. Let's hope this stays in the same concept until release. Like @sixer9682 would say (you hit what you aim at) witch is a beautiful thing! It's actually fun game again even in the very first moment of the game when you are supposed to learn...
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    Battlefield V Delayed 1 month.

    I know someone is going to like this change... @JoeLeb
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    Custom License Plate

    I remember your license plate picture that's actually in part what gave me the idea of doing mine like that. That and when you showed how to do it on GTA V :P
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    Custom License Plate

    About 200$ US. It's not cheap but I own this license plate for as long as I live and can ask for a new copy any time. This was the maximum number of letter and number actual (7) and there is no O it's a 0.
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    Custom License Plate

    Finally the Qu├ębec Province let us do custom license plate now :D
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    Paddleboard (SUP)

    Good day folks, I am investing in Paddleboard equipment since I tried this few weeks ago for the first time an love it! I am often sitting in a car or at a desk and the fact that you are stand up and relax is just perfect for me. Anybody familiar with the sport? Here is the rack that I got...
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    Will this new series possibly take over BF?

    I understand and I am definitely not saying that it's at the level of BF/4K but it's way better than most of the last fps I say lately in public test. The game is still in conception mode that worth the interest considering the shit show that BF is giving us since a while. What will you do if...