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    Sexual harassment?

    Is it considered sexual harassment if a midget walks past a woman and says " gee your hair smells nice?"
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    Happy Birthday balls2dawall

    Happy b-day Balls. Ive been enjoying mine with ribs, chicken and Crown and coke. Enjoy yours!!!!
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    LMAO!! I just see this guy post earlier and he's already banned? Nice job....welcome to the site ROFL!!!
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    WaW server ranking drop?

    I have notcied in the past couple of weeks that the WaW server has gone from 2nd to now 9th. Is this because of the server not being populated or is there a website where players vote for ranking? I have noticed a fall in server activity as of late. Is WaW going the way of the DoDo? I used to...
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    Take a Trip in the U-2 Spy Plane

    My uncle who is now a retired Colonel from the USAF worked in the Skunk works program at Edwards AFB and Palmdale Ca. He has flown both, the U2 and the SR-71. He told me many stories of "other" countries that he flew over and was fired upon. All he said they did was kick the after-burner on and...
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    Happy Birthday TBGclan

    Happy birthday TBG! You folks have the best servers AND the best people playing on them in the gaming industry. Keep up all the great work!!!
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    Smokeyw - aimbot

    FAST you are right, someone usually gets to the server with in 10-15 mins. Sometimes sooner. I know when someone posts a demo it doesnt take long for the hacker to get the boot. I think it just seems like a long time to some of the players because of the wait. And you are also right in the fact...
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    Smokeyw - aimbot

    Here is some more footage for Smokeyw, btw he is still on. demo0005.dm_6 download free -
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    Taking demo's on TBG WaW server

    Fritoz, Fast not a problem. Just trying to help out some of the other players so that way a couple of us just wont be the ones catching hackers/cheaters. If more can learn the process, then maybe we can be more productive in catching them. I always love to catch me a hacker. The more arrogant...
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    youre a big noob

    youre a big noob
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    Taking demo's on TBG WaW server

    Hope you fellas dont mind me doing this, as some of our regular players have asked how to do it. When you see a suspected violator- aimbot, wallhack,whatever, goto your tilde key (`) and press it. This will open your console box. Next type in /record. You must make sure you put the forward slash...
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    Thanks FAST, you da man!!!
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    Sorry Death, was WaW. He must have been on the website too. Not long after you posted that message he left. You can go back in the server logs i guess and ban him by guid or ip?
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    Hey man can you goto WaW server? This noob Tearsbabygrl is aimbotting it up

    Hey man can you goto WaW server? This noob Tearsbabygrl is aimbotting it up
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    If anyone is on and can help, this guy is still on. SOS