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Hi Irishian88J, please can you help me with quit my ban on server BTF3. Please i want play again.
Try again.
Game disconnected: you were kicked by PunkBuster. Stated reason: PunkBuster permanent ban issued on this Game Server for player 'wilr3d' ... Prior Kick/Ban ; I'm still banned, please helpe me
Hey, I tried opening a conversation with you to better explain the circumstances of my ban, since you said it looked like I was trying to bypass the filter.
I used to be on the VIP list for TBG Lockers all explosives. Now I am not. I donate every month. Can I get back? :D
Nevermind I was connecting to the wrong server :D
hey matt, the pearl market server has been empty alot these past couple of days, maybe u need to put different maps on that server ,like caspain or sunkin dragon, pretty much pull down the old & put up new maps, & thanks for keeping ur servers up & running.
Hi there, my ban appeal thread is still locked up. The group came together and decided to update our clan tag, hoping that will get us back on to TBG servers.
Sorry you went and got your self banned Fresh Pizza, SnachandHold, RIP_AKC_DOC, TheWrenchOfGod, Mrgoodwrench_dxl, you created this mess and you clearly crossed the line by your chat, 1oldboatDoc was a good man and you disrespected him to his best friend of 15 years, Valar. I would have reported you for what you did today. Your names are known and you will be on a watch list.