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Bro let me in the Discord I just want to join man.
Its inevitable, stop being weak and let me into the VC.
Thx for letting me in, cant wait to see you online.
Please read through and when would be good for your introduction?

Thank you for filling out an application to join TBG. Your trial will begin as soon as a head admin briefs you a few things.

Please keep in mind that you cannot wear the full tags until you have been voted in as a member of TBG. You MUST wear recruit tags.

Tags: You will NOT be recruit status until a recruit manager has chance to brief you in Disc
Whats up man, been drinking and said some stuff i wasnt supposed to say on the server, I really love this server TBG clan operation locker no restrictions, ive been playing on this server for like 1 year and today i fucked up... would be awesome if you would let me back on. My Sincerest appologies.