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Thank you heninator! I come to these forums regularly in seek of a juicy thread to read. Your ban appeal finally hit the spot.
Hi guys, i am trynna find friends to play bf3 PC, my discord Jacob#2301, feel free to add me ass a friend
Taking a break from gaming, taking care of personal shit. Gonna be inactive a while. Don't buttban me pls
Hey man, its been a while. Wanted to ask a quick favor.
Can you help me out get back to the naval server that I was banned about over a year ago? I made a ticket on it way back but one of the admins denied me over a dumb joke I said on chat. I would really appreciate playing in the server again if possible. Hope my punishment has been enough.
What was the joke? If it was a racial/ethnic joke I'm afraid those bans don't get lifted. You should still be able to play on other TBG servers.
Hey Matt I was banned for asking another player to say Bennas its just a silly word means no harm but I was banned and when I appealed one admin said "its obvious what you were trying to do appeal denied" I am not sure what he means could you lift the ban? If not at least explain what I did to deserve the ban? Thanks
This was on the tgb locker 90hz server btw
friend, could you please see my ban again, I want to play with my friends and there's only your server! I wasn't banned by some admin, it was some automatic or forbidden word, it wasn't any offense or anything like that! I didn't curse anyone, that's why I say it was something that shouldn't have happened. I wait help me please.
The only reason you could possibly be upset is you actually like the server. No one puts the effort into appealing a ban for a terrible server they hate. The reality is you got banned from a dead game and after 14+ years of hosting Battlefield were often one of the last games in town. You are welcome to rent a server, have fun populating it. EA Murdered Battlefield.
I just came to ask for the fact that I only have one hahah

but no problem, after all more than 50% of the people who play on your little server are Brazilians, and I'm going to bring them to a real server.

I came to ask with the greatest respect and politeness, but you are not wrong! it's your mother's whore who didn't give you an education, that's why it's this shit human being.

I'm not really your friend
St. Tru the Sardonic
How many ucav deaths to get that one lonely clip? I appreciate your contribution to my 132,408 ucav kills #2 in the world, only 7k till #1!!!!!
No, mauirixxx isn't internet spelling for mauirice ... or mau-reeeeee .... it's maui (like the island) rixxx :D
Gonna delete this account here, TBG clan unfortunately (intentionally or not, Idk) protects cheaters on their servers. Shame, it was once a good clan.
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Circumventers on Gaming Servers is nothing new but almost impossible to catch them all. This has no bearing on the quality of service or of live on a TBG Server. I believe, TBG is working hard to eliminate as many of these undesirables as possible. When you get rid of one five (5) take their place. It is a never-ending battle. Game On.;)
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