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I would like to know why I often get kicked from your server? ! ! ! [TBG] 60HZ | INFANTRY ONLY + DLC | TBGCLAN.COM

The problem is with PunkBuster, yet I have updated it several times. Please.

Best regards.
Hi guys the other day i said something i should not have on the bf3 server,a Racial slur.
i want to appologize for it and let you know it wont happen again,it is so unlike me to say anything like that.
i was not thinking when i said it and by the time i realized what i said it was too late.
can you please let me know if i have a chance of returning to your gaming site,promise i will be on my best behaviour from now o
please stop banning me for racial stuff, my name has nothing to do with anyone's skin color, i go way deepr then that... we are all equal, wtf