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please stop banning me for racial stuff, my name has nothing to do with anyone's skin color, i go way deepr then that... we are all equal, wtf

Hello i love hardcore its the only good game mode if i cant play i may have to end my own life.

thats right the life on an african american male will be ended if he cannot play his bf4 hardcore

best regards,

Hello you locked my new ban thread for the erroneous re-autoban from my previous erroneous autoban that was lifted....still awaiting un-ban.
I found your name and see you are a senior admin. I am one of the original founders of R6V2 Clan. We are a nomad clan comprised of almost 200 members and we may be looking for a place to game. Don't get me wrong there are only about 15 of us active so we have no intent of flooding your server. So if you could provide me a list of your rules and how they are administered I would appreciate it. BTW Muskegon Mi. here.
Hi Irishian88J

Can you please see if I have a temp or perm ban on the Operation Locker server. I keep getting that PB message you have been kicked by Punk Buster.
I checked PBBans....with my GUID and it looks good there no issues.
Still alive and playing a lil BF4... I wish they'd make a 2143, but from what Dice said about BF6/BF5's stand alone update, there will be no more of the BF series...
Hey Bob, been ages, just stopped by to see if you, Soldier, or Seed still played anything.... Hope you all have been well!