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Jan 22, 2015
Hello all This Chase196382
Well Been Playing Star Trek Online(STO) after battlefield got tired of it. so I re-Activate My account at STO
was Lt.Cmd(Lt.Commander) well i had a Mission and on April 25 2015 to May 1 2015
I went from Lt.CMD to Commander then to Captain then Admiral Lower half and then Admiral Upper Half(there is about 5- 10 sub-levels that must be complete before moving through ranks) its very involing takes a while to rank up)
and Finally as of May 3 2015 made Vice Admiral Level 52 (at Present) every day i spent 8 hours or more doing lots of battles and missions to obtain this rank plus spent $95.00 i have bought 2 ships one a Battle Criuser(you get free ships up to Rank 40 after that you have to pay for your choice of ships.
why spend $$?
well they give you some slots for inventory and for Ships and so fourth.if you want more you have to pay for it.
they use zen as the digital currency so 1,000 zen = $10.00 usa Dollars some of the good ships if you want custom cost 2,500 to 3,000 zens or $20.00 or 30.00 i think it worth it.i had my account since 2012.
my game name is Valak i am a Vulcan Science Officer if you want to play or talk .
I love my ship i have also Small Fighter ships as well this is a Battle Crusier with 1 hanger.
i have also joined as A Subscriber what do i get for My $14.99 a month free zen 500 zen a month more fun ships to veiw or buy access to Premiue Content and from what i see its Great they have update 3 times since been on new content through the fondary and daily missions to earn enegry Credits. engry credit are what you buy new ship weapons new ground force gunsand so forth...
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