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Jun 11, 2019
I'm making a report on one of your admins; "DESTRUCTOR-PPCLI" for toxicity. We were losing an objective Nikola and he was complaining about it in all SL VC. I told him that my squad was wrapping around from the South because someone had Infantry marks on the map. He proceeds to say (A= Admin M= Me) :

M: I'm wrapping around from the South with my squad, we're gonna check out these hills first because someone has infantry marks on it.
A: Stop worrying about stuff on the map people marked.
M: Worry about your squad, and I'll worry about mine.
*We lost that objective*
A: Now look we lost the fuckin' objective.
M: I said we'll be there in a few seconds.
*I died from the South because there were enemies there as it WAS marked.*
M: Now look at that, I just died cause someone was in the South when I told you that there were people up there, and there you are bitching about losing an objectctive instead of someone playing correctly and sweeping the outside area.

More words were said after that, but I can't remember between the both of us, but what I will say is this. Don't kick someone from your server for playing the game CORRECTLY just because you don't like their playing style doesn't give you the right to kick someone because you were wrong. Grow the fuck up and stop being toxic yourself.

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