Reporting Battlefield 4 Player --19Hunter70--

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Mar 6, 2023
Players In Game Name --19Hunter70--

Which Game? Battlefield 4

Which Server? BF4 [TBG] 60Hz | HARDCORE ALL MAPS | JOIN US -

What is your in game name? FleahFox

Date and time approximately 03/06/2023 - 1PM EST

Offense committed Constant toxicity in chat, Constantly accusing players of cheating and being verbally abusive in chat

Additional comments Player Info Page -
Players chat Logs are very evident, and after I left server the chat logs show him further MOCKING me as well as another player joining him as well

Clip of me Killing him for the first time before he begins accusing me of cheating and then proceeding to call me a "Fag" multiple times -
Hi Fleah i saw that same from him, just one ask how u can you read chat log after game? Thx
So. After looking into their chat logs. Seems they are just a keyboard warrior. They haven't done anything wrong to break any of our rules. We don't enforce homophobic slurs.

We don't police the chat because innately people are gonna be like this, that's just how the chat has worked in games like this since forever.

However if the player does dip into Racism in any way then we will step in.

My suggestion to you is that you can either; Block the player on EA/Origin and you will not see their chat, or just hide the chat entirely. Alternatively you can just ignore them and continue on with your game.

I will keep this thread open, if you wish to add further info in the future on said player.
I will respect your decision as an admin, however I would take this moment to acknowledge how off putting it is that Racism isn't allowed but excessive use of homophobic slurs is acceptable.

Taken straight from your typed out Rules it states

"if a player is to begin to spam chat, or fill it up with intentional toxicity that begins to effect the gameplay of others action will be taken against them."

This certainly seems like intentional toxicity to me
There is a certain level of toxicity we will step in on yes. However, Games like this, Rainbow Six Siege, COD and many others have toxic Mic's Chat etc. That is just how this game has been forever. If we were to ban this player then we would have to ban about a thousand others.

Ignore him, Move on. You are better than him. Its just a sad guy that gets a kick off of beating his keyboard to death with his fat fingers.
My first time connecting to your Hardcore server I was greeted by being called a hacker and then called a "Fag" not only in one match but then the NEXT match afterwards, and upon reading the chat logs, EVEN after I disconnected... You seem to not consider this Intentional Toxicity so that is your verdict. A very interesting one but your verdict nonetheless.
Kindly Consider this reply as my suggestion to re evaluate what you consider toxic interactions in your playerbase. I enjoy playing on TBG but it sucks when I see players like this get a free pass.
Look. Its one guy. He isn't even spamming chat. I understand your frustration but at this moment in time there isn't enough on said player to enforce any of our rules. If it were to effect more than just you then we would look into it further. But seeing as you are the only one whom has reported him and there are no prior reports on him. There isn't enough justifiably to take action against them.

Like I said previously if they decide to bump this up a notch from just being a keyboard warrior to being racist or worse. Let us know.
Suggestion: Implement a In game report system, The way of making an account on forums and the entire tedious process is annoying for newer players
Suggestion: Implement a In game report system, The way of making an account on forums and the entire tedious process is annoying for newer players

We have had this form of reporting for years. In fact we have been running for 15 years. It works. It keeps everything in order, search function. And we don't have to depend on old outdated programs that aren't updated anymore for a 10 year old game that isn't updated anymore.

If a player truly wants to see action taken against a player and information to be catalogued and easily findable they can make a report here and add onto it.
This also weeds out the reports that are just BS because people are mad.
We would end up having hundreds of reports to scour through each day just to find the ones that are real.

If it ain't broke, don't fix it.
So last Thursday you refused to lift a ban for someone using the word "Jew" when describing Ben Shapiro and your reason was "In most cases the word is used in a derogative manner towards another person and is considered a slur. Falls under our rules against using Slurs of Racial or Derogatory value against other people."

Is that not the more modern and commonly used term to be uses offensively towards anyone LGBT "Fag"? and does this fall under the rules against using Slurs of Racial or Derogatory value against other people.
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