Reporting a Player


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Apr 4, 2021
User name: Neziwi

What is your in-game alias? Neziwi

What is the game server name? ALL CONQUEST MAPS | NO LAG | TBGCLAN.COM

Which Game is this for? BF3

Date and time approximately: 7:00AM 5/16/2021

Which player are you reporting? Cpt_Villain

Offense committed Aimhack/wallhack/shooting through walls

Please provide evidence can be anything from circumstantial stuff like screenshots, links to stat pages etc. or hard evidence like Videos.

Teammate and I both die through a wall

After the first death you can skip to 45sec

Any additional comments? Currently 141-12 (no tank use), blatant cheating, he's not bothering to hide it. Prefire, aim hack, shooting through walls, killing entire squads in a split second, etc etc. I've got more clips if you want them for whatever reason.
He left and rejoined so his kills for most of the match are missing:

He must have only started cheating recently (as in the last few hours of his 38), his stats are still catching up to the hacks, but G36C and SV98 show some fun numbers.
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