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Jul 21, 2020
User name: Red-Eyed_Fairace

What is your in-game alias? Red-Eyed_Fairace

What is the game server name? ! ! [TBG] ALL MAPS CONQUEST | 60Hz / 5GHz |

Which Game is this for? BF4

Date and time approximately: July 21, 2020, 5-6pm (+8 time, from asia time based)

Which player are you reporting? OverIyConfident /

Offense committed Aim Hack / Heli Assist Possible some other.

Please provide evidence can be anything from circumstantial stuff like screenshots, links to stat pages etc. or hard evidence like Videos. , Currently, if by viewing the chat alone, almost everyone is begging him to leave this includes his teammates on the other team. This happens on the server time between 5:6pm (If viewed from chat history on july 21 2020)

Any additional comments? Im just sending this because as of now, no admin is currently online, also, he said this one him playin,
by just lookin at it, I do think this is an aimbot hack by just how easitly his aim automatically attached to the neck of any enemy he faced. Also, there's a spectator a while a go who was watching him all the time he is also convinced by it, it should be clear on the chat, if it's not on the 5-6 server time, it might be on 4-6 server time. Anyway, Sorry for the inconvenience, I just want to have the peaceful gameplays back without people like this
Not open for further replies.