Reporting a Player

Mister White

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Registered User
Nov 7, 2019
User name: Mister White

What is your in-game alias? MISTER WHITE

What is the game server name? TBG Chicago

Which Game is this for? Squad

Date and time approximately: 9:30pm

Which player are you reporting? Tyrese and Trix

Offense committed repeated use of the N word towards another player and when the other player got frustrated and told them to stop saying the N word they told him he is a white boy and cant say that word so they tried to kill him and they both failed to kill him. then the player they failed to kill quit because he was irritated. i waited in the vehicle and as i was not a part of any of the players squads or more imparticularly trix and tyrese's squad, could not drive the vehicle due to squad claim. when trix and tyrese returned they called me the n word, told me i had to go and shot me. then called me a stupid n word and drove off.

Please provide evidence can be anything from circumstantial stuff like screenshots, links to stat pages etc. or hard evidence like Videos. nope got nothing. just witnessed it, then became a victim of it for no reason at all.

Any additional comments? they like to squad up in a locked squad of 2 on your server. i have seen them online before.