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    Aug 7, 2018
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    Please fill out as much information as possible.

    What is the game server name?** **** OPERATION LOCKER | 60HZ ! | NO LAG | ***

    Which Game is this for?** Battlefield 4

    Date/time:** 8/6/18

    Would be helpful to indicate the time. 11:30pm

    Player's name** SoraXXO

    Offense committed: ESP or Wallhacking

    Steam ID:

    Evidence can be anything from Circumstantial stuff like screenshots, links to stat pages etc. or hard evidence like Videos.

    Evidence: I don't have any vidoes or pictures. Didn't think about it. :(

    Comments I did spectate him. It was so easy to tell. The player was killing people though smoke with the Cyote RDS, and just knew every time somebody was going to round a corner. He was always 100+ kills at the end of the game, and only had aorund 20-30ish deaths.
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    BF4DB marked him as clean. As far as spectator goes it is not always the best in determining if someone is cheating. It lags and shows weird things.

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