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    User Name Decatur1107

    Please fill out as much information as possible.

    What is the game server name?** Air Maps

    Which Game is this for?** Battlefield 4

    Date/time:** MAY 17, 2018 6:00PM

    Would be helpful to indicate the time. 6:00pm

    Player's name** Had_An_ePUFFINy

    Offense committed: Apparent hacking

    Steam ID:

    Evidence can be anything from Circumstantial stuff like screenshots, links to stat pages etc. or hard evidence like Videos.

    Evidence: 79:1 Instant kills.

    Comments Apparently using both an aiming hack and an extra damage hack. Player was getting kills in a jet while typing. Player indicated he has been previously reported and that nothing will be done by the server owner/admin.
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    Not seeing any evidence of foul play on stats and Pbbans.

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