Finally made my third drum video

trying to sound proof the room?
Oh I started to like 8 years ago and that's how far I got. I'll finish it eventually. You can see broken parts of the walls I tore down. Whoever lived here before put up those studs and attached this cheap cardboard wall to it. I was going to remove than and re-expand the room. Then I decided to put drums in there and not there it no wall on that side to attach the material to, however, you can't see right above me across the whole ceiling and the walls to my right are all covered. Helps a little bit.
Very Good!! I actually can play that for you on my show and give you a shoutout as well. We are allowed to do that. Bulldogs-radio love to play new and covers and stuff. Do you have a channel? Thanks Susan Aka Smoknhotgirl.
I played jet city back in the day, I used to play allot of QR back when I was 19. i played drums for 1 year then quit until I was 42 which is about 12 years ago... I had to relearn how to play... and eventually made those 3 video's. I could technically make about 35 video's if i got off my ass.