Drive Updates - 2042


Sep 7, 2021
1. Go here and download DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller),19.html
2. Extract files to Desktop
3. Go to the Nvidia drivers site ( or for AMD ( and download the most recent driver for your GPU. Save it to desktop.
4. Restart PC in Safe Mode. (Instructions on how to do this:
5. While in safe mode launch DDU. There are two dropdowns on the right side of the program. Select GPU for the first, and then NVIDIA or AMD (depending on your card) for the second.
6. Click "Clean and restart"
7. When windows loads up install the current graphics driver that you downloaded before.
8. Restart PC again and that's it!

This helps with the cleaning of ALL remnants of old drivers on your system that may be conflicting with new driver updates. The "Perform Clean Installation" from the nvidia installer does not do this and can cause issues. You should do this every time you install new drivers.
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