[BF4] BF4 Post Spring 2015 patch – Attachment Theory- According to ChromeLightsaber


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Aug 23, 2014
BF4 Post Spring 2015 patch – Attachment Theory- According to ChromeLightsaber

(all data for my decisions come from Symthic.com)

The following article is VERY BIASed towards infantry only play, since Anti-Tank rockets took it up the ass this patch.

This game is not about what should be, or what guns should behave like, it’s about, what the raw numbers are, and embracing the reality of each patch.

There are many a nerd with their calculators on Symthic doing very advanced calculations.

I am taking those peoples number-crunching and boiling it down here:

IF- you are the type of player, that ALWAYS STOPS moving AND AIMS DOWN SIGHT for all engagements, then it is a NO BRAINER- You should run Heavy Barrel and Stubby. The combined bonuses for this style of gameplay are insane now.

Some other quirky things you may not know:

Suppressors have 2 drawbacks. Lower bullet velocity (who cares) and…20% increase to bullet spread while standing still!... yes… still. You are actually MORE accurate with a suppressor, if you strafe slightly.

I suggest only bothering with suppressors when server population is low (15 or less players per team) OR, if you are a PDW whore.

If you are a Run and Gun never stop moving type player AND you AIM DOWN SIGHT and strafe shoot ALWAYS, then you are most likely not affected by this patch. Stay Ergo.

Muzzle Break- Always pointless, you should be moving your mouse to compensate for recoil anyway
(Exception-DMR’s Are great with Muzzle Break and Folding grip, since you can’t shoot fast enough for Muzzle breaks spread penalty to kick in, and Every shot is a single shot, therefore Folding Grip kicks in for every shot)

And for you crazy people out there that Never aim down sight and always run and gun, keep rocking your laser and Ergo (and suppressor)


DBV-12 AUTO SHOTTY with Full choke and Laser and Buckshot might single handedly be the best gun in game within 25 meters now. Embrace it. Shottys have sucked for over a year plus. PLUS, you get to rock the Folding Grip on it and a SUPER fast reload of 10 shells. Throw a FLIRx2 on it for longer range engagements you wouldn’t have DARED attempted in the old days with a shotty and thank me later.

LOWEST RECOIL (Vertical) Gun in game now (not counting pistol or Sniper) is:

SAR-21 (Highest is Groza-1)

LOWEST RECOIL (Horizontal) Gun in game now (not counting pistol or Sniper) is:

U-100 MK5 ! (Highest is FAMAS and SR-2)

Lowest 1st shot multiplier Gun in game now (not counting pistol or Sniper) is:

M60-e4 THE PIG BABY.. in fact, it is now the only gun with NO 1st shot Multi penalty and the LSAT comes in with a close second. Both these guns, you might want to revisit.

Gun with most kick is EASILY the CZ-3A1 (I still love its 1000 RPM though ) with a 3.0 FSM and .4 Vert recoil!.... absolutely horrid for anything other than pure run and gun no ADS 10meter or less encounters.

Get out there and experiment. Stop using the same 2 guns you've been using the last year and a half.
Sometimes the most fun, comes from insanely dumb and unorthodox loadouts.

Like Scoped magnums or 3.4x shotties.

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