Battlefield Cyberpunk 2077 - Game Feature


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Sep 16, 2017
Funny, good job.

What I do not understand is the tanks on roofs, the Santas running around and the armless body? Are these game mods that someone made or did you create these through editing?
Thx, the tank on roof was done with C4 and mine(not me), if there are enough explosives you can send anything to sky.
The Santas was a Battlefield CTE event on Christmas.
The other stuffs are battlefield bugs, like invisible knife and long neck.

You missed the player on locker, that was a "meme" together with paladin's game feature meme, the player on locker was using an aimbot, he was streaming it thinking no one would notice, then it shows players spotted on mini map(russian paladin's cheat activated on stream), then he says that "spotting cheat" is a "game feature". :D

Anyway, the idea was to make a homage and add a few memes.

Here is Russian Paladin games feature meme:
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