Ban Appeal Battlefield 3


Registered User
Mar 29, 2024
In Game Name Dal_GlitchBug

Steam ID (If Applicable) Mamaco_Albino

Which Game? Battlefield 3

Which Server? Battlefield 3 - All maps conquest

Approximate Date/Time that you were banned 12:25

Admin that banned you (If you remember) Punkbuster

If possible, the reason that you might have got banned for It's not a ban issue, but i don't know where to talk about it, so sorry in advance. So, i joined TBG server once and the match ended then i was kicked. The message that appeared at battlelog was: Gamer Disconnected: you were kicked by Punkbuster. Stated reason: Punkbuster kicked player 'Dal_GlitchBug' (for 0 minutes) ... This PB server requires (A1386 C2.352) - Error loading pbag.
Ok, then i tried one more time. I joined your server, deployed, walked around then got kicked again and the same message showed up. It is just my game or can i do something to avoid beeing kicked?
Thanks for helping.

Any additional comments you would like to add? (DID NOT ANSWER QUESTION)
You can try this as well as Googling other fixes for "kicked for No Packet Flow". Others can maybe chime in, but it usually results from Punkbuster still having files from an old install.