ARK: Survival Evolved Server Info


Sep 2, 2012
Server Name:
! [ORP] PVP x6 TAMING 6x RESOURCE 4X - (v238.6) (External Link)

Server Info:
Our server restarts around 7am CST daily to help with lag.
The sever backs up every half hour.
Max Player Level 110
Wild Dino Level 120
Map: The Island
No Data Downloads
3rd Person Allowed
Admin Command Enabled
Crosshairs Enabled
Map Player Location Enabled

Current Mods:
Stack Mod
Industrial grinder Mod
Better Beacon Redux Mod
Morecrafting 2 Mod
Cooking Extras Mod

(We're always open to recommendations on new mods. Feel free to post a thread and we'll see about adding them to the server.)

TeamSpeak access:
Request access via this form. (Must be 18 years old or older to request access)

Current Server Rules: (Please Note: server rules may be adjusted as gameplay evolves)
No Cave building of any kind
• No Foundation/pillar/gate spamming
• No Auto Turrets or PlantX on Quetzal Platform Saddles. Manned Minigun, Rocket, Ballista, and Catapult turrets can be built on the Quetzal.
• Quetzal Drivers May NOT be covered by foundations, ceiling, hatch frames etc. Driver must be pick-able from all angles. No building in front of the driver except for foundation and Ramps downward.
• Caged/Handcuffed prisoners are allowed, don’t be an asshat about it, during raids prisoners must be released immediately after termination of the raid.
• Admins will NOT replace items/dinos lost due to BUGS or ROLLBACK
• If there are any issues, please use this form to report them.

If you have any questions, feel free to post a thread or PM myself and I will try to get back to your as soon as possible.

Good Hunting out there!

- GhstOps6​