[H1Z1] 6/2/2015 Update, "Most Powerful Hand Gun..."


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Apr 23, 2014
The servers will be coming offline a few hours later than normal tomorrow. We wanted to get things onto the Test Server tonight and let you bang on them some before we patch to Live. Again, we wish we could have gotten these all on Test earlier but it's not how it worked out this week.

Servers will be coming down at 12:00pm (noon) Pacific time for the regular two hours. A few things didn't make it into this patch that were on the Roadmap and those things will get pushed to later in the month.

Patch Notes:

  • The Magnum and .44 Magnum ammo can now be found in the game along with Battle Royale and Hardcore Battle Royale.

  • Added a recipe to create Magnum ammo and the ability to melt it down in the furnace.

  • Tear gas grenades are now available. When thrown they will create a cloud of gas that will obscure vision, cause coughing, and do a small amount of damage. If you are wearing a full face respirator the gas will not affect you.

  • Large structure can now be picked back up

  • Abandoned bases with nothing on them will expire after an hour

  • There is now a key binding set for “Walking”

  • Hardcore BR spawning is more distributed

  • Zombie vision/night vision effects are cleared when leaving servers

  • Dew collectors will now automatically fill up to five bottles of water at the same time

  • The crossbow will no longer automatically reload in ironsights. To begin automatically reloading release ironsights. As a result of this change, you will no longer get stuck in crossbow ironsights.

  • Drinking coffee will return an empty bottle to your inventory

  • Repair Kits will now properly repair all weapons