1. E

    Can there be a ban on mortars and UCAVs on the rush servers?

    There are a couple other servers that has this rule and it's just more fun for everyone if they were banned on rush servers.
  2. I

    Can we do something about the UCAV abuse on the BF4 Rush server???

    For months now the bf4 rush server has been plagued by players sitting in the back of the map using the UCAV. I have counted up to 10 people using them in one game, its absolutely absurd. They do nothing for their team and continuously ruin the game for players trying to play the game as it was...
  3. shehtazruslan

    DLCs on the Rush Server

    Hey guys...what about putting the DLCs back on the rush server. Since you guys took it off we all miss it dearly and if you put the DLCs back on we'll try our best to seed it and try to get it going :)
  4. shehtazruslan

    All Rush Maps server

    please remove the naval strike maps from the server, ( just a request) you guys have to admit all of them are pretty damn bad for rush specially the attacking team, you get javelined before you can even touch soil T_T