1. G

    [BF4] Kicked by Punkbuster.

    I was just playing 24/7 Metro and when I load in, I get kicked (username is Governor_of_ca). I didn't even type anything. I already reinstalled Punkbuster but it still doesn't work.
  2. I

    [BF4] Kicked by PunkBuster only in TBG Metro Map.

    Hello Mods/Admin, I have been active in your Metro 2014 server and really enjoy playing there. I am not sure why I get kicked everytime I join the server. However, I do not have any issues in other BF4 servers. I have tried re-pairing Punkbuster, firewall is okay and I have windows defender...
  3. SolarCataclysm


    I can play on every other server. I updated PB. Checked and repaired game files. On TBG servers, I get punkbuster kicked with no error message. Friends in game say they dont even see it in the chat. Can an admin please contact me to help me resolve this?
  4. G

    Confusion between bf4 severs.

    so i have been playing on the TBG all maps bf4 server for over a year and have never had an issue with punkbuster on your sever (account has a previous ban on bf3) during the last week the server has not allowed me to join. however, almost any of your other servers allow me to join and play...