1. C

    Rubber banding in TBG ALL BF4 CONQUEST + DLC | TBGCLAN.COM server

    Been getting a lot of rubber banding in this server recently, ping hovers between 18-20 most of the time but occasionally jumps up to 30. Only seems to occur in this server, just wondering if it's just me who is experiencing it.
  2. 0

    Evidence? None needed to get you banned.

    You have control of the population in the servers, you would ban without evidence. I agree. Let me know what you think.
  3. Duende2211

    Reporting 2 cheaters

    User name: Duende2211 What is your in-game alias? Duende221185 What is the game server name? ## CONQUEST ALL MAPS | NO LAG | TBGCLAN.COM ## Which Game is this for? BF3 Date and time approximately: when this topic is post it Which player are you reporting? QuintusPrime and masha6 Offense...