1. B

    BF3 server with DLCs rotation?

    Are there any chances of the BF3 server getting a DLC rotation? I complained about it yesterday when i saw an admin online on the gamechat, and he said it wouldn't be a good idea, because of the lack of premium players out there. But on saturdays there is this rush server that is always full and...
  2. Duende2211

    Reporting 2 Players

    User name: Duende221185 What is your in-game alias? Duende221185 What is the game server name? ## CONQUEST ALL MAPS | NO LAG | TBGCLAN.COM ## Which Game is this for? BF3 FIRST PLAYER Date and time approximately: 2hs before this post, day: 8/18/19 Which player are you reporting...
  3. BlindKrill796

    BF3 Conquest Server Crashes

    I'm not sure if this has been brought up but in the past month or two the BF3 Conquest server has been crashing frequently. Sometimes, the server will crash multiple times in a round and it is usual to see this several times a night. It is bad enough that I just stop trying to rejoin...
  4. ScottishBattleAxe

    [BF3] DLC on BF3 server?

    Has there been any discussion/requests to have DLC maps put on the BF3 server? I'd love that to happen and will happily donate/bribe who I need to :)
  5. Darkjeda

    BF3 - Personal opinion to BF3 All Conquest Map Server

    Guys, I think is a bad decision keeping up the votemap list, because the server has turned out to a Op Metro 24/7 Server, and is killing the greatness of this server, play all the base maps. This is a simple thought that I wanted to share with you guys, see you in the battlefield