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    Taking a break

    I'm going to be taking a temporary break for a while. I'm not sure how long but I'll try to keep in touch, please save a spot for me. Thank you guys.
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    player name cause kick?

    I checked into this a little, the word sniger means creeps in Danish and i think "snigeren" is sniger turned into a verb or something meaning "to creep". and not that i can read this but it uses the word Snigeren on this web page which looks like a dictinary entry...
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    Server rules

    OMG this is turning into comedy GOLD. Tell us how your going to report us all again and make other threats like i'm gonna get your fired or you'll never work in this town again.
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    Ultra Fast Keto Boost Shark Tank Diet Reviews – How Does It Work?

    yep we got a bot that will serve us up some spam unfortunately it hasn't gotten enough metadata on us yet to know that it should be showing adverts for viagra, cialis, dick pumps and weird fetish porn.
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    Your Friendly Neighborhood Automotive Technician

    Hi Sighbuttons, I have seen you around on the server and hope to get some matches together in the same squad.
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    Requesting to join TrueBornGaming

    We reserve the right to do background check on every applicants' history (mostly if they have any prior cheating violations) We also have the right to remove any members if they create problems (drama) within the group. ***FOR THOSE APPLYING FOR COD SERIES. DO NOT. YOU WERE GIVEN FALSE...
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    Request Discord Access Here - ACTIVE

    Required Info Age: I stopped careing after 35 Reason you are requesting the info: I play squad on your server all the time Is this regarding a Ban Appeal? No Optional Info In Game/Service Name: Strawboss