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    Can I ask you?

    Nothing new, man. I guess the virus is much better than me because it has its new form while I still stay the same.
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    Can I ask you?

    having a good time with my friends and playing online games
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    Eddie Van Halen, my fav guitarist of all time, Dead at 65

    He is also my favorite guitarist, He will be missed. :(
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    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you all!
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    10 Online Games That Will Keep You Busy During The Lock Down

    Yeah, car racing online is always a thrilling ride. I play it more often especially during holidays and weekends.
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    What else do you play?

    I like to play Valhalla, GTA 5 & BF4.
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    Does Cowborg shoot milk? Moooo!
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    10 Online Games That Will Keep You Busy During The Lock Down

    Clash of Clans fan here! I also play PUBG and Call of Duty.
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    Gaming Rig

    Awesome!, Nice stuffs you got their buddy!! that will greatly improve your gameplay. :)
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    [BF4] Talk about adrenaline

    Nice terrific and exciting results!
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    RTX 3080 causing crashes

    That is really interesting, even it is a rumor.
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    Today's Birthdays

    Have a coolest and wonderful Birthday!
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    Old Farts Who Still Game

    Only playing scrabble for brain exercises but it seems like this one is worth a try!
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    Is Origin down right now?

    I am sorry that we are all affected by it.
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    Sad news in the Rock and Roll world...

    He did great here...