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    Reporting a Player

    User name: pinchylillobster What is your in-game alias? pinchylillobster What is the game server name? BF4 ALL MAPS Which Game is this for? BF4 Date and time approximately: 1pm GMT Which player are you reporting? FieryTemption Offense committed Hacking Please provide...
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    *PLEASE READ* New rule for our Battlefield 4 servers

    Is firing from the uncap allowed in the event of a all cap situation?
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    Sad day for my OCD

    Guess I'll try again at 400k.
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    TBG servers- Recent Server Instant kill at the start / Balancing / UCAVs

    While I generally don't care about ucavs, mostly because I run with a squad of medics and we just pick each other back up, I do have a question regarding attacking the uncap to kill them. I don't remember names as this was some time ago but a couple of my friends started mortaring the uncap to...
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    Battlfield 4 - BF2/BF3 Map Server

    There's a secret to that. When my friends gather on discord, I bribe them with cake to join the infantry server. A group of 5-10 players and the right time of day does wonders for filling a server up. My cake budget is through the roof but it's worth it.
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    BF4 Infantry server.

    Is there any way to keep the map on locker and/or pearl market when the server is less than 20 players? It's so hard to try and populate the server when it's idling on a big map at zero players.
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    Anyway of giving !kick command to some of the regulars

    Not sure if it's okay to post this here but alternatively you can donate $5 a month to BF4DB and they give you priority reporting. With the proper evidence and depending on the time of day, I've seen bans issued within minutes of the report.
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    Commander slots are back on as well as vehicles? Also server is still randomly swapping to golmud and siege?
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    Just to chime in here, it appears that the map rotation isn't updating when the threshold is reached. Been playing 3-4 rounds and it's still Zavod/Floodzone/Locker. Also, zavod had vehicles enabled at some point? Not sure if that's intentional.
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    Servers set to 10 players

    Gotcha. Hope it helps get the servers up and running. Thanks.
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    Servers set to 10 players

    Am I just seeing things or are the TBG servers set to 10 players max?
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    Reporting a Player

    Presumably he means they had a truce and would just let each other farm the opposing team while ignoring each other.
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    Reporting a Scallywag

    He's banned now. Have fun with one less cheater.
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    Reporting a Scallywag

    I expedited his report for you, hopefully it will be resolved sometime today.