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    Ban Appeal

    We have an auto filter and you misspelled a word which tripped it. A head admin will review. And next time put in the actual server you were banned from. 1 i was solo in tank and capping E wtf are you noobs complainnig about? ‐bf4 hardcore
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    [BF4] I have a second account now

    2 step verification
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    500,000 graphics cards found in an abandoned container

    Obviously, did not make any sense. Half a billion in inventory does not go missing
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    500,000 graphics cards found in an abandoned container

    Story doesn't make sense, they saying like 350 million dollars(low balling total) of graphics cards went missing???
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    Ban Appeal

    For HA, his name is luisingpr, not Lluisingpr
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    Ban Appeal

    @Alteredacer was the banning admin, you were banned for jet ramming. You were also banned by me in bf2/bf3 server for wearing tbg clan tags in our server.
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    Ban Appeal

    A HA will review, but not sure how that isn't insulting a race or religion. where do u need jewcav support ! [TBG] 60HZ - BF2 & BF3 MAPS + SILK | NO LAG | Dec 27, 2020 6:02:31 pm
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    Can I ask you?

    I see @sixer9682 finally got that acting role he ways wanted
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    To be honest intel over the past few years have been caught with their pants down. They've had market superiority for a long time and it came back to bite them, they haven't innovated for years and now they are running around like a chicken with its head cut off. But like @DocHolliday said...
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    Apple M1 FTW...
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    Someone's desperate for RTX 3090s

    Damn, they on to me
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    Had Surgery today

    Tbg=ruthless motherfuckers. Love it
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    10 Online Games That Will Keep You Busy During The Lock Down

    11.Pornhub‐ @Irishian88J has the all time high score.
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    Ban Appeal

    Can we get a site ban too?
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    PS4 1TB Slim with 5 Games

    @TruFreelancer at least offer a blow job to go with it