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    Reporting Battlefield 4 Player rickwin067

    Im going to leave this to another admin, you have many post accusing server/people of hacking with no proof again.
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    Reporting Battlefield 4 Player rickwin067

    he's looks clean, however how he looks is on your end not his. Looks like your vid card is lagging in shadowplay. plus your in spec. not actual game.
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    BF4 !Assist function

    Assisting to fill slots at beginning of game is good, but buy the time you assist in game, the tik difference is 800 or more, hard to assist on a full server also. Also switching teams is a donator perk. Idk how that will affect it also.
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    BF4 !Assist function

    I think that's why we have the surrender plugin.
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    as a player why are you not recording it and presenting it to the forums, we have a to watch forum also, coming and complaining about hacking then have only stories, hard to do our jobs as admins.
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    Formal request to add a ping limit

    At night the ping limit is set to 200 for our world players, during the day its 150, sorry your having trouble playing but can't be helped. @Matt-aka-FAST is this correct, want to get the ping numbers right.
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    Anti-BS headphones?

    I use Harmon Kardon Fly noise canceling headphones, Im a machine operator, keeps alot of noise out...
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    TBG BF4 server map change?

    it's a vote, sorry if the vote doesn't go your way.
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    BF4 surrender count

    people are also using it at the end of match so other team doesn't get full points.
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    Servers acting weird around 1:45AM

    clear your cookies
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    Help installing Windows 11

    tried 11 3 times, tested it through windows insider program, went back to 10, 11 hates my killer ethernet controlers, could;nt watch anything in hd.
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    Application to Join True Born Gaming

    give me a time, Im on from 6pm pac to about 6am, I can come in and police it for ya.
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    hello and welcome!