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    hello and welcome!
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    New recruit who dis?

    spokane, my mom lives in astoria
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    New recruit who dis?

    Oh, I live in spokane now.
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    New recruit who dis?

    greetings, I used to live there 30yrs ago ish, lived off mill plain and I205, I could see Portland airport from my apartment. Worked at Ft. Vancouver.
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    What's up yall

    welcome, you've killed me a couple times. see ya on the battlefield.
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    Hello to all.

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    Off the Grid for a bit

    Be Safe.
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    [BF4] Repeated punkbuster kicks on all TBG servers in BF4

    punk buster A not running cntrl alt delete for processes and start the application
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    Application to Join True Born Gaming

    Bump-Active duty +1
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    Kicked for no ping issue.

    its auto admin for ping kick, also vpn or playing on a college/schools net doesn't work either.
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    [BF4] Weapon Setups

    im old, either dbv12 with frags, or the bow with poison and my trusty g36. I honestly get more kills with my defibs and knife.
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    Im a true TBG member! thank you!

    Im a true TBG member! thank you!
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    [BF4] DICE & DICE LA Skins

    got em when they came out, really helps they only see your weapon, the bow on the other hand was a pain in the ass.
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    I just need a time when people are on. And Ill pop in and say yo.