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    Amazon's Fallout series begins production this year

    I wonder if they’re going to make a series with each fallout location/game or just make a new one. I’ve been playing fallout since release of fallout 3. I feel like it’s gonna be difficult to “hit the nail on the head” with this to please all the fans. They need to incorporate all the factions...
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    BF2042 Community Game Night!

    Aw man it was awesome! We had so many people join in the discord and had a full conquest and rush server. Should be hosting another game night soon so stay tuned brother!
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    BF2042 Community Game Night!

    There is another poll on via discord as well! about to tally them up! making another announcement on discord that there's five hours left to vote!
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    BF2042 Community Game Night!

    The time has come.. the first Game Night for BF2042 starting this Friday (26th) at 7:00 EST!! We have two choices CONQUEST or BREAKTHROUGH! (Rush). These game modes will have all the maps from 1942, BC2, BC3, and 2042! This event will be held in 2042s Portal. So grab your family, friends, and...
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    Hello TBG

    Yo what’s up! Are you getting 2042 or do you have it? We have a big group that plays a ton of conquest and rush together! Also working on portal servers for different game modes, community game nights and much more!
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    Show me your longest moving target rocket kill....

    What about longest c4 explosive kill with the MAV?
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    I miss you guys.

    Ah yes very.. very strange but well way to put it but you’re not wrong Ides! “I go hard like overdose on viagra” PS - KNOXTANE I DONT EVEN KNOW YOU.. but by god I miss you more brother.. getcha handsome nerdy self in the discord! Wanna do some rush, conquest, air superiority? Had a long day and...
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    Prong (Thrash) Cro-mags (NYHC) MadBall (NYHC) Merauder (HYHC) Böshe Onkelz (German) Type O Negative (Goth metal) Woods Of Ypres (Doom/Goth metal) Acid Bath (Nu metal?) Mudvayne (Nu metal) Coal chamber (Nu metal) Harms Way (HEAVY Metal) Nail bomb (Heavy metal) Ditchwater (metal) Baroness...
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    Application to Join True Born Gaming

    Your age? 24 The ALIAS you use regularly and PLEASE include your FIRST NAME GangstaPacMan / Logan Your STEAM ID (If applicable) 76561198358932857 Discord User Name GangstaPacMan What game or games would you like to represent TBG? All of Battlefield games and any misc game that people will...