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    BF1 - Come Join Your Favorite Cow

    @amarua Sent an invite... if it was the correct one..
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    BF1 - Come Join Your Favorite Cow

    Open invitation for BF 1 this week. Several of us have reinstalled BF1 and will be playing this week. Just join up in Discord and find us in game for some epic Moooooing!!! This is going to be fun one way or an udder.
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    Moomo MMMmmmMooooOooo Moo OOOmmmmmoooooo! Translated to Human... "Welcome! You will enjoy the farm."
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    Hey All

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    New Blood

    Moo MOooooOO MMooOooMMooooo! Mooooo! Translated to human.. "Welcome to the farm! Mooooo!"
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    You misspelled Mooocav. Just sayin'
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    Possible BF6 to be set in modern day

    I thought the bayo dildo would be loaded to shoot fluid as well.
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    Possible BF6 to be set in modern day

    They added "trinkets" to the weapons in BF5 with the last update. They could add a ball sack trinket. I would equip that. Or maybe udders?
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    Social Distancing

    Please practice social distancing for everyone's sake!!!
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    Well I finally gave up on BF4 ...

    Cheating got worse in BF V. I see one blatant person about every 2 days. Last week about every day. If you want the most cheat free game of the bunch.. stick with BF4. We can do something about those cheaters.
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    Hello Everyone!

    Moo MMmooMOooooOOOmmmOoooo Moooomoo MMMMOooOOommooooo! Translated to Human.."Hello. Welcome!"
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    First New AMD Build, First New Build in 9 years.

    I don't see any shackles in the room... Where do you tie up the captives?
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    Hi all!!!

    I am the only sane one here.. and I'm a cow.. Mooooooo!!! (Welcome!!!)
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    MooMMoooooOO MmooOOOOooo... MooOOooOooo.. Translated to Human.. "That's what she said..." and Welcome to the Farm!