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    PC Gaming Headsets Corsair is what I am using... I like for games. Music not so much. Plus... it is RGB that matches my headphone stand and mousepad (and soon...
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    BFV5 RSP

    My take on this is that this is someone's attempt to check a box to say they did it. Way too late in the game to start this now. It doesn't even make sense from a PR standpoint because all they will do is catch flak for it. They should have just made sure that BC3 is worth buying and playing...
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    Requesting to join True Born Gaming Application

    Steak?!?! Moooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I run across people all the time that dislike me just because I'm a cow. You just have to let it roll off your udders.
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    Anybody do screen printing?

    False alarm... My buddy didn't sell enough shirts to keep the account. Sorry
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    Anybody do screen printing?

    I know someone with an Amazon screen printing account.. If you cannot find someone.. I can get in touch with him. Just need an image to upload.
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    Good day everyone

    MooMooooomMMmmmooooo MoooMmoooooo Moo! Translated to human... "Hello. I am a cow."
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    Cow Runs to Chick Fil A

    More of my people... Moo!
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    Post your gats

    S&W MP Shield Performance Center model just like above except the 9mm version. Using Speer Gold Dots.
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    BFV Update.

    My biggest gripe for this update is the blinking health bar everytime you get hurt... Who thought this was a good idea?!?! I created a post on the site asking for a button to turn that shit off.
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    BFV Update.

    I aim for bushes when I shoot... Just sayin'
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    New Recruit

    The dark room is required for membership. Just gotta grin and bear it... earplugs, lube, and a 9 iron also help
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    Good morning, new recruit

    I am a cow.. Mooo!!!!!! (translated into human means Hello!)
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    Soulz has moved!

    He is just saying its a joke to throw you off.. He is there... Trust me... HE IS THERE!!!