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    100% Agree !
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    Insurgency Sandstorm

    I'm getting this game and returning to TBG...this week (Got a week off from the band)
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    New insurgency game trailer

    I'm ready !
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    Ban Appeal

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    Appealing my ban

    It picked up the 'nig' obviously... A green will have to lift this..
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    Reporting a player

    Banned... thanks !
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    Reporting a player

    Banned.. thank you! Extend to all plz
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    Some Heads are Gonna Roll - Melee Compilation

    Great play and video! Does YouTube 'warn' you about the music ever ?
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    Appealing my ban.

    I can't find 'thevuk' What is the message you get when trying to join? (we don't have a Silk Road server now) EDIT-Silk Road was not in my favorites...:(
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    Official 'The Last Jedi' sucks thread

    I can't even......
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    Appealing my ban.

    This will not be lifted (plus 2 VAC bans)
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    Reporting a player

    Banned.. thanks !
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    Reporting a player

    I don't have enough evidence to support a ban on this one.. thanks.
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    Reporting a player

    Banned.. thanks..