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    Working the kinks out

    Welcome. I played BF2 and Delta Force 2 back in the old days with Death Squad ~DS~
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    Lost connection to EA servers

    Origin update?
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    Happy Holidays!
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    Warming up to BFV

    don’t know if i’ll ever get bfV. i’ll start Squad when Santa gets me that new video card
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    Will this new series possibly take over BF?

    I had applied a while back for testing and just got an email from them yesterday with a key. I think we'll be able to buy it Friday on Steam.
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    Will this new series possibly take over BF?

    I got test access, will try it out tonight.
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    Designed my next work desk.

    looks good. I mess around in Autodesk Maya and modeling a mech right now. maybe I'll post some pics later
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    Is you girl a gamer too?

    My gf doesn't understand it but she's cool with it.
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    Hello all,,,,,

    no i mean I am Texas native but in California now
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    Hello all,,,,,

    Hey . fellow Texan that ran away to SoCal. Did you ever play Delta Force back in the old days?
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    Will this new series possibly take over BF?

    hope it turns out good although it did say minimal destructible environment physics
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    BF4er here. I'm in Cali and get on after work around 7 pm-ish and weekends
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    Real Life

    I tried the "drinking more" thing recently but it didn't help much!
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    Motor Trend

    yeah Special K I can get pics of in the works.... I have a video of them burning out that stang i posted in the parking lot..classic stuff bro i saw them in a previous truck in the parking lot hauling ass. our building neighbors hate it though lol...our office in LA does the Road...