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    Monitor recommendations

    G-SYNC doesnt work with that monitor so if he is pro nvidia he cant use V-SYNC. Or push his OS/Gameplay past 60 Hz
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    Check this guy out pretty amazing.

    would you be giving a BJ in this video?
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    Had Surgery today

    Love you guys. The removal of the infection on my ass went good. Now what are your questions.
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    500,000 graphics cards found in an abandoned container

    It did in China. When half a billion dollers worth of MSI rxt 30 series card got stolen from a warehouse. So yes they do just go missing.
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    Had Surgery today

    I had surgery.... Im on drugs.... thought you guys should know
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    Star Wars: Squadrons is live tonight!

    @everbody Please post gamer tag here. I need a squad.
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    BF4 constantly crashing

    That used to happen to me.. I found out what it was. And you should follow these steps. first open up main directory, go to videos. Now once you in videos follow the most important step.... DELETE ALL OF THAT GAY PORN.
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    Sexual Void

    making one with udders for you
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    Sexual Void

    More videos to come hopefully.
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    Sexual Void

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    I'm back!

    not sure he can be trusted... (in best Russian accent) he's name has Knox in it.
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    Mr. Lonely

    Have you ever felt alone and just wanted somebody to talk to? If so, might I suggest discord. Doesn't matter what game you're playing atm. just hoop in discord and start chatting.
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    All Maps BF4

    Everytime the map giants of karelia comes around the server seems to glitch. After the vote map concludes no matter how the vote goes the next map is always lockers. Even if it wasn't an option.
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    Battlefield 6 could host over 128 players in one match

    There is currently a mod for BF4 that allows 240 players on one server.