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Greetings one and all! We have a special announcement to make! TBG will be continuing its weekly Community Game Night! Every Saturday at 9PM Eastern we will be hosting a plethora of party games. Jackbox, Pummel Party, Cards Against Humanity and much much more. All of the games are primatily free for everyone to play or very little cost. We will make sure to announce which ones we will be playing so that everyone knows ahead of time. We strongly encourage everyone to come by and have fun!
We would like to announce that TBG is about to be 10 years old as of January 1st, 2008! We started our journey in Battlefield 2142. Since then, we have expanded into multiple games and have grown exponentially, providing an excellent service to the PC gaming community. We had our ups and downs (mostly ups) and always found ways to overcome any adversity that came our way. Our bond is exclusively whole and this is what makes us unique. We are happy to have long time regulars who have...
We might be jumping the gun on this one a little. But by this weekend we will open the TBG Store to select members for beta! For years we have sat around and talked about merch. We even had past and current members produce a small number of items. But the time is now. Print on demand has reached the point where both the quality and price finally make sense. Shirts, Hats, Bags, Water Bottles, Phone Cases, the list will get longer by the day. We have a lot of work to do getting the...
EA is finally letting DICE do future battlefield again? It's not the 2143 we have been begging for. It probably won't even have server hosting... come on guys you are killing us! Literally. But the surge in Battlefield 4 players tells us it definitely brings renewed interest to the franchise. Gameplay Trailer: Reveal Trailer: DICE GM Interview:
We will be going all out on this game, even before the full version of the game is actually released. TBG will definitely be hosting servers for this game. It is recommended anyone seeing this to get the game and join us in our servers when it does come online. :) The same developers as project reality from Battlefield 2. PR website http://www.realitymod.com/ Squad Game https://joinsquad.com/ *Update* We just obtain new server, please see the main site for the IP and server name!