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  1. devilgator123
  2. Voltixdark
    TBG.. Suck these nuts!
  3. FantasticFlyingMelon
    hue hue hue idfk what this is for but my xbox gt is MomDidntSwallow and my steam is my account name.
  4. Sameer Ahmad
    Sameer Ahmad MacN8r
    Hey, look i know ive been a douche bag and triggered the autoban.I this is a sincere apology. im just stupid and made a mistake, . im sure youve made a mistake before and someone gave you a chance before. someone believed in you and they didnt regret it. im just asking for a chance. youve got an awesome server for jet pilots. right now i can only play golmud railway 24/7. please consider my request and thankyou
  5. Equinsu
    Equinsu Matt(FAST)
    Hi, fast. Any way I could get on the whitelist for BF4 final stand, naval strike, air maps and battlefield 2 and 3 maps?
    1. Matt(FAST)
      Hi please make a thread in private discussion it'll be my reminder :)
      Mar 1, 2017
  6. Phonnicz
    Hello people.
  7. ValuedMeerkat10
  8. Flarmin
    Flarmin Soulzz
    1. Flarmin
      Can i be unbanned for this missunderstanding.
      Feb 18, 2017
  9. Big Moist
    Big Moist
    Moist and here to party
  10. Official Bawls
    Official Bawls
    Moist and here to party!
  11. -o-0_VaLar_-0-o-
    -o-0_VaLar_-0-o- SgtDeadred
    This 4KTurk is also known as 4KxTurk. Her cd key was banned for hacking end of December. We would love to see Her Perm ban on all her accounts. She might have a crazy amount of accounts, like 18! More info can be obtained form admin Equinsu. Here is link to his server stats. BattleLog account info no longer available in BF4.
  12. ShadowBlader
    This will be my bio. I am an enthusiastic and at times competitive player who is looking for a good time I do not act or sound 14 I assure u
  13. Derpy
    Im bleach..........
  14. rodibrug
    Life smile's , smile back!!!
  15. NightVsGaming
    Just here trying to grow my channel if you feel like helping.
  16. Wraithe
    Currently awaiting a ban result Please be kind and lets rewind time! =)
  17. NaFaN
    Thanks for letting me join
  18. CoDChild1080
    Enjoying My Black Ops trilogy and Modern Warfare Trilogy.
  19. seffy05
    just joind !!!!!!
  20. BAXrocketman
    new here. looking to squad up