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  1. RandomP0TUS
    RandomP0TUS Matt(FAST)
    Hello Matt, I am known as “RandomPOTUS”. I am truly sorry to anyone i may have insulted in the game of 17:08 (et) on the 22 of april. I got banned for explaining the reason why somebody got banned, whitch in the case, was addicted. He got banned for racial slurs, and i tried to explain how he got banned. I will take your decision respectfully,
    Thank you,
    1. Matt(FAST)
      Done, in the future please dont retype what someone else does. Cheers
      Apr 22, 2018 at 11:50 PM
  2. PhantomKYS
  3. Call-M3-Betty
    I like it here
  4. Wellsthemedic
    I wondering if this clan is up to date psn gamertag boss5311223
  5. ayaka99
    hi nice to meet u .plz add me your BF friend
  6. Dustman
    Names Dustman(Dustin)
  7. PsiiKoTiiK
    Squad and BF4
  8. Shane O. Conger
    Shane O. Conger Matt(FAST)
    I am just so used to the others that forget, I forget like a minute ago with the explosive round shotgun. Just don't want anyone thinking I do it intentionally.
    1. Shane O. Conger
      Shane O. Conger
      The explosives in the no explosive metro.
      Mar 26, 2018
  9. Snow_XII
  10. DroopyDog66
    I love the smell of napalm in the morning
  11. DroopyDog66
    DroopyDog66 Soulzz
    Sir I sent in a donation it will come from Janssen Enterprises I only have a business Paypal account so if this not a problem I will let it ride . Thank you for your time . Droopy
  12. DroopyDog66
    Pain Is Weakness Leaving The Body
  13. M1rtha_Legrand
    M1rtha_Legrand SgtDeadred
    hi need ban for faizov-rus in your sv of bf3 plz is urgent
    1. SgtDeadred
      Mar 14, 2018
      M1rtha_Legrand likes this.
    2. M1rtha_Legrand
      you're our god! thanks dude!
      Mar 14, 2018
  14. M1rtha_Legrand
    M1rtha_Legrand 0perator7
    i need you, plz ban for faizov-rus is a hacker in your Sv of BF3
  15. M1rtha_Legrand
    M1rtha_Legrand Irishian88J
    hi! can help me! i need ban someone urgent in sv of BF3 his name is faizov-rus
  16. ZacTHeLegoManaic
  17. ZacTHeLegoManaic
  18. Smashed Crash
    Smashed Crash
    Squading It Up
  19. Chris Smith
    Chris Smith
    Everything I do should have already been done... a long ass time ago.
  20. Hexedbee
    Hexedbee Matt(FAST)
    Hello Matt, my name is Karen, I think you might remember me as "Nexexe" on your forums. I know I was banned for racial bs... and I respect you for banning me for my words spoke that night. I'm truly sorry for every thing I said, I know I was totally wrong for saying it. I guess it was pretty bad. I'm truly sorry, and hope some day to be unbanned from your servers of which I had played for years, without problems.