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  1. Ghstops6
    The measure of a man is what he does with power. - Plato
  2. NordicLyons
    Had a blast tonight with the TBG crew on SQUAD, it was hella fun.
  3. BlindBenny
    BlindBenny KernelPanic
    Hello ....
    1. KernelPanic
      Oh Hi!
      Jan 16, 2018 at 8:33 PM
  4. JHZmaster
    im single in 2018 too lol nobody likes me ;-;
  5. Gamer jake yt
    Gamer jake yt Dirty-Lex
    Hey got ps4 add me jacobrumble11
  6. Gregg Stewart
    Gregg Stewart
    How do you make an album?
  7. BlindBenny
    BlindBenny cryptekghost
    Slow down JR . Don't let the hacker's get you in trouble here to . There everywhere bro . All servers .
  8. Baby Daddy v50
    Baby Daddy v50
    I am a idea and the whispers of the night i am a question not a answer
  9. Sexedbee
    Sexedbee Matt(FAST)
    LMAO! I was totally wasted that night when I was lippy and said all that... No big deal, "TBG" is too much of a PC/Politically Correct server for me anyways.. Have fun with yourselves... Sooner or later, that's all you will have is yourselves.. lmao!

    Anyway, I suck as a mother, I should learn some manners one of these days...will you help and teach me?
    1. Matt(FAST)
      "LMAO" nop :)
      Jan 7, 2018
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  10. Sexedbee
    Sexedbee Matt(FAST)
    I have played on TBG for years.. without ever being in trouble or banned. I was apparently recently banned without a reason behind the ban? Can you please PM me as to why I was banned all of a sudden? I am a little confused as to why... :(
  11. Sexedbee
    Sexedbee Irishian88J
    So, why was I banned? You seem to be knowing something I don't? I don't hack, yes I do have a mouth and tend to run it sometimes.. but I usually would never say anything that anyone else in game hasn't said, etc.
  12. bigjonj40
    bigjonj40 Irishian88J
    hey Irish I tried to play on this server; ! BATTLEFIELD 3 / BATTLEFIELD 2 MAPS | NO LAG | but when I logged in it said I have a ban with you guys, can you check into this for me?
  13. Gregg Stewart
    Gregg Stewart
    Flu Bug has got me sick today, tried to play awhile ago, but my body just wants to sleep.
  14. BlindBenny
    BlindBenny Matt(FAST)
    Matt are you a intel guy or a AMD guy ?
    1. Matt(FAST)
      Amd because it's cheaper and still gives me good performance. But in terms of raw speed intel for sure.
      Jan 3, 2018
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    2. BlindBenny
      me to AMD , i now have about $3.000 in my "budget" build from 2013 ..... I have over hauled this system twice now . If you can make it till 2020 , that would be the year to start a new build . Trust me the AM4 boards will be a lot better in 2020 .
      Jan 4, 2018
  15. BlindBenny
    BlindBenny DogPen
    Oh , hello !
  16. CANDELA27
  17. AspectFireVS
  18. Twixxel Dragon
    Twixxel Dragon Matt(FAST)
    Something happened with your adminship and it is very serious, one of them has been harrasing my stream then banned me for a absolutely ludicrous reason for "linked Diapers". Something needs to be done about this.
  19. Twixxel Dragon
    Twixxel Dragon Statistic68
    Hello, I need to speak with you about something that just happened. One of your mods came in harrasing my stream and banned me from the server, I do not know who it was but it is not okay. I was not even a legit ban reason it was a meme ban saying "linked Diapers". I do not know if condone this but it is not okay.
  20. Destin Hudson
    Destin Hudson Irishian88J
    Whats the status on my ban appeal? I can explain it clearer in a discord call if need be. I just need this to be solved quickly, I play on that server every single day.