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    I thought I introduce myself My player name is Jegerjokonge123 so you all can call me king or my real name Ben,, Im a gamer started in the 20s, i startet playing games when i was only 3 years old, started with classic games on ps1, and 18 years later, im a full gamer willingly to do anything for...
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    Requesting to join True Born Gaming Application

    User name: xkcreeper Your age? 21+ Only 21 The ALIAS you use regularly and PLEASE include your FIRST NAME: Jegerjokonge123 Ruben Your STEAM ID (If applicable) nothingis123 What game or games would you like to represent TBG? BF3 What TBG server(s) do you primarily play on? metro...
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    Reporting a Player

    User name: xkcreeper What is your in-game alias? jegerjokonge123 What is the game server name? metro no lag Which Game is this for? BF3 Date and time approximately: 10.03.2021 20.26 Which player are you reporting? send240680 Offense committed bullet modding, one...