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    My computer

    bourbon with cherry coke is 1 of my favorite drinks.....yanks will never understand
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    FREE legit games ( Steam, Console, etc )

    free for the next 19 hours
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    FREE legit games ( Steam, Console, etc )

    EPIC STORE has CITIES SKYLINES for free right now....get it NOW new game at 11am the 18th
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    INTEL IS DEAD what, less then 6% of the computer market???....thanks for the laugh..... @TruFreelancer ....i would have agreed with you 10 years agos....but now i cant do to Intel and how they are dealing with everything....Intel has its fabworks in-house every time they needs to...
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    Monitor recommendations

    @Howitzer ...i am saying the mount can work off the angle of the wall....if he has the space for a 27 with the stand he has the space for a 32 inch not using the stand.....losing the stand off a 32 inch will give him a extra inch or 2 UNDER the height needed for the 27 inch with the stand on...
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    Monitor recommendations

    @JoeLeb ...easy fix.....wall mount arm.....i already know you are fighting the way the monitor stand will sit, when dealing with the desk and the wall change the fact it sits....a wall mount can let you bring the monitor UP and change the tilt angle even on a angled wall....
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    Monitor recommendations

    agree with @sixer9682 ....will never go back to anything smaller then a 32inch....i have a 1440p 32inch monitor and I LOVE IT.....most 32 inchers are not crazy big VS their 27 inch counterpart.... this shows size change
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    Am I banned or just bugged?

    try updating punkbuster or uninstall and then reinstall to see if that fixes it....punkbuster would ban across everything so good odds this is just a error....other thing would be to get a screen shot of the kick message so we can see what it says and go from there...
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    RTX 3080 is getting a water-cooled upgrade

    i wonder how fast they run out of stock....the 3080 hybrid only being a 120 dollars more then a founders edition is not bad
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    PS4 1TB Slim with 5 Games

    in this time of covid this should be a "handy" with a latex glove on.....
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    Cant connect due to vpn

    what you can Ccleaner and Glary utilities....stay with the free versions of both....after install run both of them to clean out all cache files, logs and junk Ccleaner also run the registry option and clear all listed.....then try logging on again.....i got this...
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    it took over 10 years to happen but intel has lost almost all top spots on bench marks from gaming to video editing!!!! even the "low end" 5600x is beating out higher end intel chips in gaming with very few games getting higher frame no longer have any reason to even think about...
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    RTX 3080 is getting a water-cooled upgrade

    yeah having a AMD X570 motherboard and a M.2 drive, i am really waiting now to see how the new GPU and CPU combos stack up....but its looking like i will have to wait for all of it now as the CPU's are sold out and i bet money the GPU's will sell out just as fast....
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    yeah got to chime in on a kid i lived in north FL not far from Ocala, Gainsville and Cedar Key(in the center of the 3) bull shit....i saw more buffalo, camels, horses and ostrich then i did cows and i went out of my way for years to pick shrooms(had to go out of my way not many...
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    RTX 3080 is getting a water-cooled upgrade

    5 bucks says you can get the block 3 months before you see a order option for the card it fits...(sigh)....all i want before Xmas is a 3070 or if i can find 1 a 3080 on the block itself its nice it makes it a 1 slot card....