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    Checking In!

    Hi Everyone! My name is Lou (Smashed Crash), I'm a 25 y/o web developer. I just joined from the Squad Server. From Cleveland OH, living in Savannah, GA. I'm usually looking to play during the day as I work better at night! So any weekday gamers hit me up! Some other games I play; CS:GO, PUBG...
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    Request Discord Access Here - ACTIVE

    Required Info Age: 25 Reason you are requesting the info: Would like to get active in Squad group Is this regarding a Ban Appeal? No Optional Info In Game/Service Name: Smashed Crash
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    Squading It Up

    Squading It Up
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    Requesting to join TrueBornGaming

    We reserve the right to do background check on every applicants' history (mostly if they have any prior cheating violations) We also have the right to remove any members if they create problems (drama) within the group. ***FOR THOSE APPLYING FOR COD SERIES. DO NOT. YOU WERE GIVEN FALSE...