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    So it looks like I'm done with BF4.

    for those that may be in a similar situation, there is a solution that is not far away, it's starlink and it has low latency, just google it.
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    Tank damage and aimbot

    How to take down a tank/lav really fast? You will need to be able to flank and understand damage angles, hitting at 90° angle always do maximum damage and it will also be an immobilize hit. If you are an infantry player playing against a good tank player, then you will need to go...
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    Looking to upgrade to 4k...maybe

    lol that is some crazy setup.
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    Looking to upgrade to 4k...maybe

    lucky bastard, this monitor is not selling in my area :(
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    Looking to upgrade to 4k...maybe

    ah I c now, yeah, its a good one.
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    Looking to upgrade to 4k...maybe

    so what monitor did u get?
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    Looking to upgrade to 4k...maybe

    1440 would be the sweet spot, 60hz monitor wont make sense for gaming, since u said u like old games, then dont go for ultra wide 21:9, old games dont support it, get some good 16:9, I like curved monitors, but if you want a flat 27"" monitor just get this one...
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    [BF4] Better Battlelog Fix

    New version 5.3.1 Chrome: Firefox: BBL Install and Plugins: - Fixed...
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    Reporting a Player

    User name: IRussao What is your in-game alias? IRussao What is the game server name? BGCLAN.COM | ALL MAPS CONQUEST | # 60 HZ | NO LAG Which Game is this for? BF4 Date and time approximately: 26/04/2020 Which player are you reporting? Abbadon_exe Offense committed not allowing ppl to fly...
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    [BF4] BF4 factions

    @Pain banned :D:D:D:D
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    He is now banned.

    He is now banned.
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    Hi, your report here: do you have more...

    Hi, your report here: do you have more videos of this player? For me it's 99% chance of aimbot, I reported this player here: you can use to report players, once they are banned there, they...
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    Hi, I just noticed that TBG all maps has the vehicle respawn delay set to 50%, this unbalance the game, it's even worse when there are good vehicle players and to be able to respawn that fast on the vehicle again, well it's a pain for the infantry players. Is this a new thing or just a mistake...
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    Any one know how to read traceroutes?

    I have the same problem as yours, my problem is that my ISP use the same route to some Chicago server, when it hit Chicago, it add 100ms or more on top of my current ping. When one of your route is bad, there is nothing much you can do, maybe call your isp, but I don't think they would care...
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    [BF4] Better Battlelog Fix

    BBLog Fix, extension updated! BBlog Fix 5.3 Firefox: Source: To update Firefox you need to go to addons, then click on the gear settings thing...