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    Papa Pilot

    lol yup
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    Whitelist Request-paid

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    Whitelist Request-paid

    Reminder for whitelist!
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    Whitelist Request-paid

    Thanks a million
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    Whitelist Request-paid

    IN GAME NAME: -|TBGr|-BuckingtonBear 64-Bit Steam ID:76561198343227022 Community Profile: Willing to SEED? YES Thanks a million!
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    will changing internet providers cause any issues with servers???

    Worked as an installer for AT&T internet and TV, you wont have any issues with the change up
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    Hey there from Ohio!

    submarine is a tough life. my cousin was on the USS Ohio a few years back
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    Hey there from Ohio!

    it wasnt so bad. I was a MN2 when i got out. I might go back as an officer once i finish my degree. what do you do?
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    Hey there from Ohio!

    not a real clan it was just me and a couple friends with the same tag
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    [StarCitizen] SC - Who has bought in, and who will?

    its been years since ive downloaded and played star cit, looks like ill be doing that soon. i only played a few minutes back then too. oh im gonna be garbage lol
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    Elite Dangerous Anyone?

    Anyone in this amazing gaming community play Elite Dangerous? I have a few friends who play but I am always looking to play with more people.
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    Hey there from Ohio!

    My name is Derek, Im 29. I served in the Navy for 5 years from 08-13. Currently I am a full time student. I play RPG's and shooters, primarily Squad, and am generally looking to play with people. Feel free to hit me up to play something if you see me on!
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    Requesting to join True Born Gaming Application

    User name: BuckingtonBear Your age? 21+ Only 29 The ALIAS you use regularly and PLEASE include your FIRST NAME: Derek Your STEAM ID (If applicable) BuckingtonBear What game or games would you like to represent TBG? Squad, Other What TBG server(s) do you primarily play on? Warzone...