Toshiba's RC100 480 GB SSD reviewed

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    For a long time, the NVMe interface was associated with breakneck speeds and top-dollar drives. But the technology has lost some of its new shiny as it's aged and become available in off-the-shelf controllers from companies like Marvell and Silicon Motion. It's only natural for any technology to go through this kind of maturity, of course. Though the "A" in AHCI may as well stand for "ancient" these days, that standard was itself a revolutionary improvement when it arrived to slap the IDE ecosystem in the face.

    As NVMe becomes more quotidian, SSD manufacturers have begun introducing drives equipped with the protocol at lower price points. The days of NVMe-seekers having to shell out $1000 for a data-center-derived Intel 750 Series drive are long gone. Toshiba has proven ...


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