Reporting a Player

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Feb 13, 2021
User name: MLessig46

What is your in-game alias? MLessig46

What is the game server name? [TBG] 60Hz | HARDCORE ALL MAPS | JOIN US -

Which Game is this for? BF4

Date and time approximately: 19 February 2021 around 0120 EST

Which player are you reporting? [XDm] Hludwolf

Offense committed Intentional Team Kill

Please provide evidence can be anything from circumstantial stuff like screenshots, links to stat pages etc. or hard evidence like Videos. I have a video I can send to an admin if the linked video is to blurry.

Any additional comments? I was intentionally Tk'd by him twice in one match on OP Whiteout while in vehicles. Unfortunately only got him doing it once, on Zavado 311. I stole a tank from a RU enemy that jumped out while I was trying to use the repair tool on it, drove it back to spawn, repaired it, then continued going to different objectives. Objective E had some enemies around it, so I drove it right outside of spawn to pick some off, started taking rockets, so I backed into spawn to repair once more, as its the safest place for a single player to repair a vehicle. Hludwolf then put c4 on the tank and blew it up before I could hop out and repair. Also idk if stealing vehicles on the objectives is against the rules or not, if so my bad, I couldn't find server rules anywhere. The previous match I was doing the same thing with the LAV and hover tank, I was tk'd once in the LAV and once in the hover tank. So I decided to record the next round, edited out the nonsense and have the proof of the 1 intentional Tk, and tank steal. Sorry for the bad video quality as well, still trying to figure out the settings on obs on my new pc setup. Also I really hate reporting players for anything cause its just a game, but when its intentional and on HC, it gets frustrating.
Not open for further replies.