Patriot Viper V765 review


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Jan 3, 2008
If I said, "It's a gaming keyboard," you could probably guess the main specs and features of the Patriot Viper V675. It has a full-size layout with RGB backlighting and offers plenty of customization capabilities, and you can use the onboard controls to an extent, but there's software you should use to get more granular about it. It has RGB racing stripes along the left and right sides, and you get a detachable magnetic wrist rest. The switches are mounted to the metallic top plate, exposing the clear switch housings so the backlighting barfs profusely all over. The keycaps? Black ABS plastic with translucent legends and sublegends, although some of the sublegends aren't as well lit because the LEDs are located on the north side of the switches. A volume roller and four dedicated media buttons line the top edge of the keyboard.

Given I could just about copy and paste that paragraph for any number of gaming keyboard reviews, the Viper V765 is not what you would call unique. So it needs a reason to exist, both in the general keyboard ...


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