MSI's GP62 7REX Leopard Pro gaming laptop reviewed

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    Intel's power-sipping Core i5-8250U was the headliner of one of our recent reviews, but many readers left that review wanting to talk about Nvidia's MX150, the graphics card paired up with the Core i5-8250U in one of our test notebooks. The MX150 proved to be an impressive entry-level graphics card, considering that it fits in nicely into ultrabooks and has a remarkably small impact on battery life. The notebook we tested was able to produce playable frame rates in The Witcher 3 at 1600x900, and that's no small feat for an ultrabook.

    As impressed as we were, though, we imagine that a lot of folks out there would prefer a notebook with a bit more gaming prowess. While there are more powerful graphics cards in Nvidia's mobile lineup, the GTX 1050 Ti might be ...


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