Intel Optane SSD DC P4800X opens new frontiers in datacenter storage

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    Intel's high-performance 3D Xpoint (say crosspoint) memory technology promised far-reaching changes for storage, memory, and computer architecture when the company first took the wraps off the technology in mid-2015. Of course, big promises begot high expectations, and despite a hunger for more information, we've heard relatively little about how 3D Xpoint will perform in the intervening time. That all changes today. 3D Xpoint will power Intel's first Optane device, the SSD DC P4800X, and that device demonstrates the wide-ranging potential of Optane to change how we think about the balance between memory and storage in a system.

    Optane from the ground up
    The SSD DC P4800X launching today packs 375GB of 3D Xpoint storage on a PCIe add-in card form factor. Intel is keeping the physical details of its Xpoint media under wraps, but we do know some of the basics of the stuff now. The first Xpoint dies are ...


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